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Two years after Jan Dries passed away the ESTATE JAN DRIES is founded by his wive Jet de Kort together with his daughter Mieke Dries and her husband Peter de Kort, and with the support of his other daughter An Dries. In accordance with the artist’s will they administer his estate aiming to preserve his residence-workshop, to establish an inventory of his oeuvre and to keep it alive for the future by means of exhibitions, meetings, publications and archival work.

Catalogue Raisonné

Estate Jan Dries is working on a catalogue raisonné and invites collectors to get in touch. Collectors will then receive more information on how the works in their possession can be dealt with. It goes without saying that this will all be dealt with discreetly and after mutual deliberation and consent.

To guarantee the authenticity of his works for the future (Jan Dries’s art seldom bears his name or autograph), it is essential that this list of “provenance” is made correctly and exhaustively. This is not only in the artist’s best interest, but also the collector’s.

With a precise list of “provenance” counterfeit is avoided and the art piece’s authenticity is established. The list of “provenance” is preserved by a notary and is updated constantly, enabling you to access it through the Estate Jan Dries.


Estate Jan Dries has a partnership with Callewaert Vanlangendonck Gallery in Antwerp, and Galerie La Patinoire Royale Bach in Brussels.


Estate Jan Dries
Jet Dries - de Kort
Mieke Dries en Peter de Kort